Council of  Europe: High Level Task Force on Youth Work

Council of  Europe: High Level Task Force on Youth Work

Howard Williamson

There is certainly some momentum, across the globe, producing dialogue about youth work and seeking to position it in the lives of young people, in relation to those who work with them, and in the context of wider public policy for the young.
One strand is youth work networks and associations, now anchored globally through CAYWA.  Another is the Council of Europe’s new ad hoc high-level task force on youth work.  This is a time-limited body (2018-2019) to maintain the initiative and bridge the gap between the confirmation of the Council of Europe’s Recommendation on Youth
Work (May 2017) and the holding of the 3rd European Youth Work Convention (in Germany, some time in 2020).  It is part of a formal ‘roadmap’ to take forward the Recommendation.

The task force meets for the first time in early February.  Its overarching remit, predictably, is to strengthen the knowledge and evidence base for youth work in Europe (or ‘European youth work’, which is somewhat different!).  It may be part of the internal roadmap but it is also centrally concerned with putting youth work more centrally on the youth policy map – through strengthening dialogue about youth work across the youth sector, articulating how best youth work can respond to established and emerging challenges faced by young people in Europe, and exploring the nature of youth work (including questions of training and recognition) in different parts of Europe…

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