Association Youth Workers Cymru – Cymdeithas Gweithwyr Ieuenctid Cymru

Annwyl Cyfeillion a Chydweithwyr

Hoffwn gyflwyno i chi Cymdeithas Gweithiwyr Ieuenctid Cymru.

I ddysgu mwy am Gymdeithas Gweithwyr Ieuenctid Cymru ewch i

Gofynnwn i chi rhannu’r neges hon ymysg eich cyd-weithiwr a’ch rhwydweithiau a’u hannog i ymweld â’r wefan, i ddeall mwy am amcanion y Gymdeithas ac i ymaelodi.  Unwaith bydd gennym aelodau, medrwn gynnal ein Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol cyntaf a chychwyn ar waith y Gymdeithas.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb sydd wedi cyfrannu hyd yma, i sefydlu’r Gymdeithas sydd yn galluogi gweithwyr ieuenctid a chymuned i gysylltu, cydweithio a chefnogi ei gilydd.

Dyma eich cyfle chi i fod yn rhan o’r fenter newydd – mae’r Gymdeithas ar eich cyfer CHI a thrwy ymaelodi a chyd-gysylltu ag eraill gall y Gymdeithas ffynnu.

Mae’r Gymdeithas yn llwyfan i bawb nid ond yr uwch rheolwyr a sefydliadau.  Mae’r Gymdeithas yna i weithwyr ieuenctid a chymuned i gydgysylltu, rhannu gwybodaeth, syniadau, adnoddau, lleisio barn ac i arwain y ffordd.

Mae aelodaeth y Gymdeithas yn agored i bawb, yn weithwyr ieuenctid, gwirfoddolwyr gwaith ieuenctid a myfyrwyr.

Gofynnwn yn garedig i chi rhannu’r neges hon i’n cynorthwyo i sefydlu Cymdeithas Gweithwyr Ieuenctid Cymru.

Megis cychwyn y daith yw’r neges hon, trwy ymaelodi cewch wybod mwy a chyfrannu at gyfeiriad y gymdeithas at y dyfodol.

Cofion cynnes

Dear friends and Colleagues

Apologies in advance for any cross posting but I am pleased to say we are at last in a position to launch the Association of Youth Workers Cymru at .

If you do not know what this is all about please go to the site and find out more J.

Please also forward to all your colleagues and networks and encourage all your fellow youth workers to go to the site find out more and get themselves signed up as members. As soon as we have some members, we will then be able to plan and coordinate the first AGM and get things moving forward together.

A huge thank you to all involved to date, let us make this a vehicle for grassroots youth and community workers to connect, collaborate and support each other. If you have not been involved directly so far now is the chance – this is an organisation for YOU and only with engagement from people like yourselves getting actively involved will this become a reality.

This association is not about managers, service leaders or big organisations leading the way this is about passionate hardworking front line youth and community workers everywhere getting together sharing information, sharing ideas, working together, pooling resources and ensuring we have a voice.

It is key that youth workers, youth work volunteers and students get involved and have a way of communicating effectively to each other directly and that is what the association is about. Please help to shape this organisation and the youth and community field going forward. We are still in very early stages so now is the perfect time to sign up and get involved so you can have a say in what happens next.

Best wishes

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